Monday, 31 May 2010

SICK PUPPIES: "What Are You Looking For?"

A thought that falls like a drop of black ink on a white sheet of paper, never to be undone; yellow leaves in autumn winds, zigzagging, unpredictable in their course. The comfort of a warm cup of chocolate milk; some children’s voices in a distant past. Some colourful candles on a cake, rosy cheeks and excited eyes. Each year, we blew some more innocence away, until our breath got shorter and we stopped blowing, for we were told it was no longer done at our age. As the candles grew more numerous, we traded the laughter of our birthday play for the seriousness of life and started an endless search for all too many things. And yet we had to find out that finding out what you are searching for, is a quest on its own.

Sunday, 30 May 2010


The value of something is not what it’s made of, but of what it represents. There's a subject in every object, like there is a soul in every body. A giver finds the key to open a sealed heart. The gift of giving is to be one with the receiver.

Friday, 21 May 2010

ROD STEWART: "Have I Told You Lately"

Have you heard what I told you? Do you listen to what I have to say? Life whirls around, deafening, until you can't hear no more. Take distance, and you will get closer. Get too close, and you will feel distant. If you are ready for the next step, then I'll be there. With time comes reassurance, and the only one to conquer is oneself. We all tell many stories, and yet there is only one happy ending. Hold my hand, pinch harder, and close your eyes. The only thing we know is that we don't know. What lies beyond, what is underneath. Does it really matter? Or does knowledge kill the source of our imagination?

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Saturday, 15 May 2010

張懸 : 寶貝 (DESERTS CHANG: "Bao Bei")

Y aquella vez fue como nunca y siempre:
vamos allí donde no espera nada
y hallamos todo lo que está esperando.

(extract from "Cien Sonetos De Amor IV" by Pablo Neruda)

That time was like never, and like always.
So we go there, where nothing is waiting;
we find everything waiting there.

S.H.E.: "你最近还好吗?" (nǐ zuìjìn hái hǎo ma?)

He recognizes me immediately and greets me cheerfully as soon as I enter the gents, on my way out of the airline lounge. I come here often, and he is here every day. His cream-coloured uniform makes him belong here. It’s a different world where he comes from in the morning and a different world where he’s going to in the evening, when he trades his uniform for his own cloths after too long a working day. Coincidence has been ruled out and nothing is without a reason in this luxurious and posh oasis of tranquillity, where people come and go, from somewhere, to somewhere. They are treated like king, or some at least act like one. We exchange our usual small talk. ”Nǐ zuìjìn hǎo ma?”, I ask. ”Nǐ jīntiān qù nǎlǐ?”, he wonders. Small talk, big smiles, both of us. A little conspiracy, a silent understanding. Human kindness, binds us.

Saturday, 8 May 2010

ELVIS: "Love Me Tender"

There’s tenderness in many little moments that, no matter how small they seem at first, leave big lasting impressions.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

MIKA: "Relax, Take It Easy"

Eventually I’ll understand
Knights, damsels mend
In vain battles time
Against that heart of mine

Evaporated and light
Kneeling in your sight
I climb downward hills, the horizon spills
A promising dawn, dew drops on a lawn

Enchanting fairytales and dreams I riff
Knotted in old histories
Inspired by your mysteries
A galloping horse at the cliff

Saturday, 1 May 2010

R. KELLY: "Pregnant"

I look inside through the window of one of the studios of the yoga centre I frequent. Five pregnant females, each seated on a chair in one straight line next to each other. This must be the “prenatal yoga” class. I glance at the instructor. A man… hahaha