Monday, 25 August 2008

MARCO BORSATO: "Nooit Meer Een Morgen"

The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there. Nobody ever said life is easy. Goals can not be achieved without efforts. But the view is sure worth it. People all want to be happy, but many don't want to become happy. For change requires effort, and certainties need to be abandoned sometimes. Many people feel a bit low, stuck in the dullness of their daily routine, as they think they don't have any other choice.
They feel as if they only play a secondary role in the movie of their own life. However, life is no rehearsal, you better live it directly the way you want it. Life is too short to spend it dead. We will all have plenty of time to be dead eventually. And if you don't decide for yourself, time will decide for you.

But hey, don't worry. We are all just amateurs in life, there is no degree for it. We get a manual with all kinds of electrical appliances, but we don't get a manual for life. We just drift, do as we think best. We get experience only after we need it. People often say: "This thing that happened to me was no coincidence, there must have been a reason for it". But perhaps the opposite is true: what happens to you, will only get a meaning when you do something with it. You may feel guilty for things that happened, or you may feel regret. But finding out about guilt or regret is only useful if you think you can still undo the past. If not, then it can only cause you grieve and pain.

Others should accept you the way you are, you should accept the others the way they are, but you need not accept yourself the way you are. So don't fly on automatic pilot any longer. Re-direct, change course when needed. At the same time, don't rush in life, for you should never go faster than your guardian angel can fly. And please don't be mistaken. Happiness is not scarce at all. It's not such thing of which there is less left for you, if the other has more of it. Making people feel good, makes you feel good yourself. It's odd mathematics, actually: when you divide love, you actually multiply it...

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