Saturday, 8 November 2008

DELTA GOODREM: "I Can Sing A Rainbow"

Dear Thoth:

I need your help. I think I have started to fall in love with a guy from school. I know him for about six months now. We have been working on a few projects together and we see each other almost every day at university, but most often in a group of other classmates. We get along extremely well actually and we can laugh non-stop at times, making one silly joke after the other. Many times I have secretly hoped that he would ask me out one day, but never has he taken any initiative in that sense. He is kind of shy, in fact. And it’s not that he is acting cool to me either, but I find it very hard to find out if he sees me as just a friend or if there could perhaps be something more. If only I could know if he has similar feelings towards me also. I wish you could write a letter to him for me. His name is A.




Dear A.

There are many reasons I could imagine why I should not be sending this to you. There is only one reason I could imagine why I should.

I fear that any thought unspoken, remains hidden in the shadow for ever. It may be safe and comforting in the shade, but no flower will ever blossom there. Any chance to speak out loud will be lost forever.

I guess not all can be rationally explained. So here I am, stepping out of the shadow, hesitantly, vulnerable, having to confess that I brought my inner, confused thoughts out of the shadow, by writing a poem for you.


So here you are
Never far
Out of nowhere
From somewhere
High up there
A rainbow peeping
Behind a bed of light-feathered clouds
Like a colorful bird that shouts
Over a downy pillow of warm-mellow thoughts
An angel caught
With a smile that hides what is inside
Ever murmuring silently-loud
Like the tinkling of pearls in this glass of champagne
You reign
And all I see is your face
When I embrace
The dusk and the dawn
The night foregone
So I halt for a while
Searching for directions
On this crossing of two meandering paths
When the light touches the dark
The crystal mirrors a spark

So accept these humble words for whatever they may mean to you: a cloud of words passing by; a ray of sunlight peeping out and brightening the day; or perhaps just a thunderstorm in a fool’s heart. Forget these words, or remember them. Breath them out, fleeing in the air to wherever; breath them in, as oxygen filling you with appreciation. No matter how, no matter what, nothing is lost, nothing is won. Bringing even a little smile on your face is worth it, like a rainbow that colours the sky for a while.

I like you more than just like you, A.

See you in class!

From A.

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