Monday, 16 March 2009

SARAH MacLACHLAN: "Building A Mystery"

You can scribble in the margin. A few notes, insignificantly. You can read thoughts that were not even there a few moments ago. There you are, a bunch of flesh, some temporary appearance. You are given a few breaths only to do what you imagine is your destiny. You seek faith where you get deception. You long for a mile where you get at meter. There are limits to what man can reach; there’s a branch which we can not grab. There is a sun out there longing for a companion; there’s a moon up there, discretely hiding in the shadow. Impeccably dressed for a special occasion; a tuxedo has fled from the wardrobe, like Cinderella out on the loose. Creatures alike, basking in the glow of humble glories. Treasure those little illusions, for their excitement paces your pulse. Step up or you’ll be stepped upon. Speak and let the words leak like water dripping through a colander. People are much smarter than they want to appear. Wisdom hides in the ears, not the mouth. Resentment follows pride like a shadow. When we cry for others, we cry for ourselves. There’s much more in the eye of the beholder than the beholder can see. Distance can be as near as a shoulder on a head. True love has a longer future than it has a history. Frame a smile and take it to a faraway home. Travel the world, may the stars be your blanket. Stop the clock, don't clock a stop.

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