Thursday, 3 December 2009

AEROSMITH: "The Other Side"

It can hardly be a coincidence that one and the same opinion is disclosed to you on one and the same day, via unrelated sources. As if some bored deity wants to transmit his must-know piece of information at all cost to a randomly picked human. Just like there’s a meaning behind each dream, there must be a meaning behind coincidence; an answer that reveals a question you were unaware of even. A mirror that helps you to look at yourself clearly.

I always believed that empathy was an admirable trait. It’s generally appreciated if you are able to put yourself into somebody else’s shoes, and anticipate or imagine how he or she would feel if you do or say something. It shows that you are understanding, and not selfish, since you take the effect of your own actions onto others into account.
But it’s a fine rope to balance on.

Firstly, you may give up so much on your own needs and desires that it makes you invisibly unhappy. You may want to please others at your own expense. You may betray your own personality in order not hurt the other.
Secondly, and here’s the revelation, to a certain degree it contains a mis-judgement of the other person as well, since you implicitly assume that the other person feels exactly like yourself, and will experience things in the same manner. That’s an underestimation of your mate. Which brings us to trust, and belief. For if you truly believe that the other person loves you for who you are, then he or she deserves that same belief too. And the right to be different than yourself, and to look at things differently than yourself.
Perhaps feelings of jealousy are of the same nature. You may envy someone for what he or she has, or what he or she has achieved. However, not necessarily does that make the other person contented. So when being envious, you actually assume that the person is just like you, whereas actually he or she may be just different.

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