Wednesday, 17 February 2010

PINK: "Dear Diary"

Love is a country with its own laws. It’s a messenger without a message. It always finds a reason and yet it is unreasonable. There’s no end to any beginning and the song of a morning bird will never survive the day, increasingly filled with bustling city sounds. It’s hard to hold on, and even harder to hold on longer still. You can toss and turn, throw again and again, but there are only six sides on the dice and a limited number of possible outcomes. In a forest of temptations, one tree stands out. I’ve grown entangled in its roots, became one, as I kept hugging my arms around its trunk.

The haze lingers, graciously like piano fingers on shiny keys. A window view, some lost moments on a forgotten day. A mind’s journey to a faraway place, a familiar face. Only when you have the time, you miss it. Nothing seems to last forever and yet there is an endless cloud of dandelion flakes we’re reaching for, as if we’re aiming for eternal youth. I always liked the cherry blossom tree in our garden; its short-lived splendour made up for its dull existence throughout the rest of the year. In a royal rain of pink leaves, it’s easier to see life through rose-coloured glasses.

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