Wednesday, 8 September 2010

LUZ CASAL: "Mar Y Cielo"

Labuan (Malaysia)


bryan said...

What's not to like about Malaysia? Especially the "ulu" areas are still so pure and so authentic.

We often visit the Malaysian East Coast, in particular a breath-taking pristine cape of coastal wilderness called Tanjung Resang, just north of Mersing.

Tanjung Resang is a bit off the beaten track, but we consider that a blessing in disguise, as it ensures that the area won't be so easily discovered by the convoys of droning buses and tourist droves.

Tanjung Resang is natural tranquility for ultimate relaxation.

Chasing-Thoth said...

Thanks for the travel suggestion. It's hard to discover unspoilt places these days indeed. But 'hard' doesn't mean 'impossible'...