Tuesday, 30 November 2010

LIL' KIM (Feat. Sisqo): "How Many Licks"

He never heard of her thereafter. She drifted away like a piece of wood on the ocean and surrendered to the wills of nature, in stead of her own, for it requires more effort to swim than to float. Moreover, it assumes a destination, a vague idea at least of where you are heading to. And all too plenty of ideas she had, yet none of it encompassed it all. She had no master plan, no perseverance also to complete even one of the many things she ever started. Many frantically juggle with an ever-increasing number of cones in the circus of life; she chooses to put them down and give up. Patience was a virtue she had never sought to acquire.

Perhaps he had been nothing more to her than a tree to sniffle on, with the curiosity of an unleashed dog that wags its tail happily while wandering aimlessly in the park on a lazy summer Sunday. He turns his head to the pond; the sound of children’s drama and acted tears. He realised that his fate was just as randomly determined as that of an ice-cream by the whims of a spoilt child, who bans a scoop to the trash bin after just one lick, after having begged for it relentlessly first.

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