Monday, 28 March 2011


I am not so pretentious wanting to be a missionary, wandering around with the purpose of converting others into my beliefs, or finding disciples for my own philosophy. The best teacher is a student. And of all that I stand for, I value humbleness very much. Therefore I don’t judge, for right and wrong has never existed. Judgement is an illusion, a sand castle vested on the foundations of the views of those who grant themselves the power to judge. That’s why I shy away from gossip too, for its only merit is that it reveals more about the person talking, than about the person who’s talked about. I have no idols, but still I admire others. For, strangely enough, sometimes it’s harder to have faith in oneself, than to have trust in others. We may lack the confidence, the self-worth, the self-esteem, and we tend to look at an old image of ourselves, as if it were a framed picture on the wall. We thread on paths that we have walked upon before; we sing songs that we have sung, on and on. We believe that we are who others tell us to be. But pictures get dusty and it takes courage to look with sincerity into even our own eyes in the mirror. We blurt out the answers that we know, without realising that the question has changed. We find comfort in the clothes we have worn before, but overlook that a new fashion season made them outdated. It’s human to rely on a false sense of security that past patterns give. Think of a little boy who learns how to swim. He’s actually long able to swim already before he finally dares to release the grip on the swim board. There’s no need to be afraid of the depth of the water. We just stay adrift, whether there’s one meter or one hundred meter of water below our floating body. History may tell us where we come from, but it doesn’t tell us where we going. A compass always points to the north, but yet we can swim into any direction. As long as you swim forward, you will get somewhere. Re-invent yourself and you will feel brand new.


Anonymous said...

Revaluation on the old and past, movitation on the new and unknown. It seems you had been long ready. Throw away the swimming board, judge or not judge, being judge or not being judge, everything is so ambivalent now to you.

Human's heart is like ocean's deepth. One minute you think you are pure and transparent, the other minute you are rough and limitless.

Chasing-Thoth said...

I like that comparison.