Monday, 9 May 2011

周杰伦 : 稻香 (Jay Chou : "Fragrant Rice")

There’s no shame in dying; there’s only shame in not living. Make love to life as if all you will ever have, will be a one life stand. Be a child without being childish and seek the unknown, only to find out later that it contains much of what you know already.

The old man waves at me like a palm tree in the winds. Careless. Inviting. An open door. The smile to a stranger is the beginning of a new lesson. Don’t look away, but look him into the eyes and strike a conversation. Be daring, you will be rewarded. We teach as much by listening as we learn by talking.

You will find happiness if you can live in a manner that is close to who you really are. There won’t be any discrepancy between what you say and what you do; there won’t be any difference between what you want and what you need; there won’t be any deception for not achieving what you expected. Taking part in life means to part from where you come from, just to go back from where you started. Life is a circle, not an infinite line going nowhere. Happiness is not an ever-ascending line on a chart. It’s a moment of vibration in the wind.  And it is only real when it’s shared. Unions are lasting, only when they are connected.

“Luck is what happens to you when fate gets tired of waiting”, I read somewhere. And today luck is a bundle of sunlight on a silver lake, filled with water that has splashed for centuries, in which emperors have bathed and warriors perished, from which birds sipped and flew off again to shelter in the shades of cypresses. I smell like morning and the morning smells like roses. An empress squeezes my hand. She came in without knocking. I read a poem in her eyes and write promises in black ink with a brush on the tiles. When you hear the truth, your soul recognises it to be so. And when you feel it, you pinch also.

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