Saturday, 9 July 2011

SOUL II SOUL: "Move Me No Mountain"

Although we never studied it, we practise emotional archaeology in the warmth of each other’s arms. We dig for hidden treasures in the sandy desert of each other’s past. We reveal long-forgotten objects from another era that have not been exposed to sunlight for many centuries and turn them in our hands. They look deformed, over time their original shape became altered. The essence of this planet is energy and material, and they determine any earthly appearance. The objects may have lost their original purpose; their only purpose left is to remind us of what else replaced them later.  We frown our eyebrows, look puzzled; ultimately we decipher the code by looking into each other’s eyes, without uttering a word even. We wipe the dust off from each other, and for lack of mirror, we describe to each other how the other one looks like.  Feelings and emotions are in flux, but ultimately they always solidify into a stronger soul.  Soul-deep. A bond that feels like “since forever”. One single soul in two different bodies, equal to each other like communicating vessels. Soul-high. Move me no mountain.  Just whisper me a simple tale. The essence of our existence is captured in stories that are shared around the bonfire. In the past we understand the present and sense the future. Nothing is new, it’s new to ourselves at most.

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