Thursday, 18 June 2009

JASON MRAZ Ft. JAMES MORRISON: "Details In The Fabric"

“De gustibus et coloribus non desputandum est”. This is an old Latin expression, which states that “you can not argue about personal taste and colours”. We all have our own style of clothes and our personal idea about what is nice to wear and what is not.

Speaking for myself, I do have a few things that I really consider tasteless, either for man or for women. Nonetheless, the items of the following list are not yet threatened by extinction. Just walk down the street and you will sure spot them. For like what I said, personal taste is very individual and subjective.

My Personal “NOT DONE” List for Women:

- girls with a baseball cap
- black nail polish
- round earrings with a diameter of 5 cm and beyond
- underwear with tiger print or cartoon characters
- ear and leg warmers
- wearing sport shoes with a two-piece

And “NOT DONE” for Men:

- a classical one, to warm up: a bermuda with white sport socks and sandals
- golden necklace
- Hawaï shirt
- Tattoo
- a sleeveless fishnet T-shirt
- G-string

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