Friday, 26 June 2009

WIM MERTENS: "Close Cover"

All geniuses have a dark side. There’s a black rim to thoughts, like the inherent darkness that surrounds the moon and its craters. A stepping stone away, are you, an artist and its creation, unfolding talents like a rose its petals in the morning dew. It’s called You Tube and I can see you there, whenever I want, as many times I want. And I rush to yet another song, hungry for more like a Chinese, who are said to jump queue because they had no choice but doing that when they were desperate for food, starving from famine a few decades ago, when steel statistics were more important than body counts. As per today, You Tube is not accessible within the People’s Republic. So a billion of people are deprived of you, and the light-threaded tones that follow you like Tinkerbell’s stars follow her. Enchantment is only a mouse click away, these days.

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