Tuesday, 16 March 2010

BOW WOW: "Big Dreams"

Big dreams, small dreams, they drift like white clouds against a clear blue sky. There’s not a single day without weather. And not a single day without people talking about it either. We build our lives on columns, Doric, Ionian or Corinthian, as if giving a label makes things more comprehensible. There are temples for every religion, and altars for every sacrifice. To win is to loose, and to choose is to loose. So who chooses, wins. Does the weather forecast matter, if the sun is shining bright?

I tend to speak in haze of mystery, but words are clear if they appeal to you. Like music, you must undergo them with intuition, not analyse them in terms of mathematical patterns. Facts will be forgotten, for a human memory lasts for a lifetime only. Feelings will fade away too, eventually, and yet they make a lasting impression, remain eternally, like fossils printed on our soul. How many people really do matter in a lifetime? A handful, at most. So tell me, would you like to miss your thumb, knowing that you need it for almost everything you grab for? No, right. That’s why. Cherish those who truly matter, those who make a difference to you. Nobody can change us except ourselves. And yet a few, not many, can make us look at ourselves from a different angle. Some call it love, some call it friendship. But what’s the value of a word in a world with more than 200 languages, and a multiple of dialects. There are different shades for every shade of grey; and there are less colours in a rainbow than the number of ways two persons can relate to one another. There may be an expiry date to relationships, but there need not be an expiry date to love for a person. When two ends meet, you have a new beginning.

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Chasing-Thoth said...

true, 好事多磨...