Friday, 26 March 2010


Let me tilt you higher, and show you to the sun and moon. We dance in a whirlwind of reflections. No reason will ever be good enough; no answer will suffice. “I’ll be there, as soon as I can fly”. Little birds grow and stretch their wings. If they were made to crawl on land, they would not have wings in the first place. There’s no difference between heaven and earth except for the way we imagine it to be: do you fly with your head in the clouds, or are your feet firmly rooted in the ground? Do you look up, or down? Are you a giver, or a taker?

Each day brings gifts. I am a lucky man; a simple soul dressed in complex patterns. Eros and Thanatos. Our two basic drifts. They steer us from much deeper than we allow them to appear. Numerous hidden motives underlie each act, like many strings are woven into fabric and a collection of tiny dots makes a painting. The closer you look, the less you see; we don’t listen to notes but to melodies. You may drown in the details while learning how to swim. So feel the current and not the drops; discover music where others hear noise. Come to me, and I shall teach you what I know. And what I know, is that I know nothing. But that’s a lot already.

We have more than one life in a lifetime. Shake your own like a bottle of orange juice, and it will taste so much better. Grab your chance, for chances change, and probabilities probably change as more chances become probable. There’s sweetness in bitterness, for also a lemon has ripened in the sun. Victory comes through hardship. And there’s a safe harbour for every ship, eventually. Who’s holding my wheel? Me, myself, and I eventually.

Speaking of stars. I am sharing the breakfast table with a Hollywood celebrity this morning. This hotel seems to attract them like a light bulb appeals to mosquitoes on a warm summer evening. He’s much less of a star to me than the millions of real ones I looked at flat on my back in the desert. Just another guy. Still, I give him the benefit of doubt, though I have always found it ridiculous when people wear sunglasses indoor. We all have our flaws. So I “Apologize”, I kind of like his songs, and his entourage seems to behave normally too. Being up and ready at 8 o’clock in the morning. Admirable. Morning glory; a new and different story.

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