Saturday, 15 January 2011

CITY TO CITY: ”The Road Ahead”

The new year unfolds like a roadmap in our hands. There are endless itineraries to be followed, the meanderings of which are determined by unsolvable algorithms of junctions, dots and lines on a large sheet of paper. It contains colours, symbols and letters that all have an obvious or sometimes less obvious meaning. There are speedy expressways and slow walking paths, kerbs, shortcuts, dead ends, U-turns. Hills to be climbed or descended, boundaries waiting to be crossed or respected, bridges that will bring us to either side of rivers we do not wish to swim in. There’s a scale to put things in perspective too, for not all is as big or small as it seems at first. All we need to do is to get moving, for to stand still is not an option. Just throw away the map before you go. We are better off without it. Walk freely. Discover.

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