Wednesday, 26 January 2011

INCUBUS: "Here In My Room"

Bianca is her name. My lover for the night. I didn’t even know her until today. She came out of nowhere, and will lead me to nowhere. She’s dangerous, unpredictable, ruthless and destructive, but some of us are attracted to risks, and we love what we fear most sometimes. She locked me up in my hotel room, will keep me caged here until the morning comes. There’s no escape from her merciless whims. She turns left, she turns right, her endless moves make me crazy. I am a little David fighting against her centrifugal Goliath forces, swelling above me and getting stronger every minute. She makes the blood in my veins pump harder; I am restless as I surrender to the randomness of her will and desires. She moans, howls like a wolf on the loose. Raindrops splash against the window. She’s a goddess of wind, water and heaven; I’m her devotee, bound to earth and fire. My clothes are a mess on the floor. I took them all off, hours ago already. I won’t go out from here anyway, not as long as she’s around, for I know that there’s no escape until she allows it to. I sink into the mattress, turn my body once again, and close my eyes .

Bianca. “White girl”. It’s a beautiful name for the first cyclone of the year that rages over Western Australia today and places all living creatures , including this “white boy”, under house arrest until the alert is over.

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