Wednesday, 4 February 2009

PLAIN WHITE T's: "Hey There Delilah"

Do you have an open mind, or is it fear that binds you to what you know?

No doubt it’s an admirable skill knowing how to put things in perspective; realizing how relative and insignificant some things may be. But this sense of what really matters should not erode into cynicism. We all have people whom we are willing to fight for; we all have goals we want to achieve; we all fill our time with activities which we believe are worth it. And yet, often our beliefs do not pass the test of time. Looking back later, we wonder why we ever cared for that person in the first place; we wonder what dreams we were chasing; we ask ourselves why we lost time doing what we no longer find worthwhile doing. Like a snake, we shed our skin along the way.

That thought should not paralyze nor frighten us though; it should not prevent us from doing what we truly believe we should be doing at this very moment. Believing in something, albeit anything, marks the difference between the hope of a child and the cynicism of an old man. We are all a human chain of many different people in one single body.

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