Monday, 9 November 2009

DIANA ROSS: "If We Hold On Together"

There are moments when total happiness comes so close that it’s almost touchable, even nearer than the comfort zone in which speaking becomes impossible, yet unnecessary as well. It blows like a breeze around the top of a hill; it whistles carelessly like the invisible bird somewhere at its foot. It’s the same sun that sets as it did every earlier day of your life; but it’s not the same you watching it.
There’s as much care in a simple question about the meaning of a word as there is tenderness in a head resting on a shoulder. The days are shorter and longer than ever; the horizon is wider than it used to be, and the skies much higher. You don’t need to seek out a star to make a wish come true. They fall by the dozens and dazzle your head until you can’t sleep no more.

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