Thursday, 19 November 2009

QUEEN: "Bicycle Race"

Every day Song Gang would bring Lin Hong to the factory, on his shiny new bicycle. She would sit behind him, holding him tight, and even if she closed her eyes, she knew that the whole village was looking at them as they passed by. Song Gang would ring the bell to greet each and every single person on their way. Lin Hong’s hairs danced in the wind and her heart was filled with freedom and pride, sitting in the shadow of Song Gang’s strong back.

Without missing a single day, Song Gang would faithfully wait for Lin Hong to come out the factory gate after work too. She was by far the prettiest girl of the whole village, and Song Gang felt proud knowing she was his. He was totally devoted to her and she loved him for that. While she waved goodbye at her twittering colleagues, he rang his bell enthusiastically and started pedaling. Lin Hong would then hug his back even closer, and every person in the village who ever saw them riding that shiny bicycle in the late afternoon sun, would smile at them and say that what Song Gang and Lin Hong had, was true love.

…recollection from the book “Brothers” (兄弟) by Yu Hua (余华) …

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