Monday, 2 November 2009

METALLICA: "Master Of Puppets"

Some opportunities are golden; others are merely gold-plated. It takes a knowledgeable goldsmith to find out the difference. Or just some common sense, that helps too. Deep inside, we know the answers to seemingly unsolvable questions. It’s just a matter of wanting to know them sometimes. Our hands are tight, fearful to acknowledge a feeling, as if we are puppet players who let our puppet-on-a-string wait to perform, safely behind the curtain.
So why practise a skill, if you don't intend to use it? Why fall in love, if you don't dare to tell the other person? Why be happy, if you don’t want to smile? A stage is pointless without actors climbing onto it; a pool need not be dug out if no one plans to swim. We only make sense through others. On our own, we don't need mirrors. We only need them to resemble others. Vanity is an indistinct puddle of shattered dreams; a dark pool of betrayal to oneself. Pure essence reflects in dazzling sunlight on a mountain river. A hand reaching for the rocks on the sea bed; they wear a see-through dress of ice-cold water. Seek out a flat one, pick it up and throw it away as hard as you possibly can. See how many times you can make it bounce before it sinks to its new destiny.

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