Monday, 21 June 2010


There’s not a word you can’t whisper. You can shout it, too. However, there’s more subtlety in the smooth sailing of words on the waves of the air, than there is in the rough unpredictability of high tide foam splashing on the breakwater. You heard what I said. There is more than one truth. So don’t claim you own it, for none of us owns anything. Property is an illusion; it’s a temporary state, a feeling of tipsiness. Nothing more than some bubbles in a glass. They rise to the sky, as if they want to escape from what holds them back. They come to the surface, desperate for fresh oxygen. Nothing matters much, as long as it matters. Indifference is the stairway to boredom. Seek your passion, and go for it. If only one out of many things, pursue it. For in the quest, is the invention. In the search, is the finding. Roads are winding, bends are there to be taken. They hold surprises. Let no one tell you what to do. Tell them what you do. Do what you want, not what is wanted.

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