Saturday, 26 June 2010

U2: "Staring At The Sun"

She stares in the distance. Some sort of peace has come over her, and the anxiety has disappeared as if it were boiling water that gradually cooled down. The shadows of the mountain became longer as the sun set; they are like bed sheets being pulled over her. She feels chilly and regrets not having brought her sweater along.

With isolation comes detachment, and we hear clearer in the absence of noise. A tweet at her feet. A bird peeks at her, his little head curiously turning in all directions. How many angles does it take to get a first impression? An unsolicited visitor, just like he was to her when she first met him, seemingly a decade ago. The clap of a car door, somewhere afar. She looks over her shoulder, in vain, for sounds are too fast for the human eye to catch them. There’s nothing to be seen. She turns her head back again. The bird flew off. The noise must have scared him. Or was it the rash movement she made, when the bang disturbed her in her thoughts?

Then what about him? Perhaps he merely fled like a frightened little bird, for people do not only act on events, but rather on other people’s reactions to them. She looks up at the stars, that seem to nod benevolently at her, and sighs.


Anonymous said...

Im just curious.
Why are your posts all named after a song?

Chasing-Thoth said...

The song titles are just the cloth hangers in the cabinet...there's always a link with the contents of the blog post, either directly or a little bit more subtle. For instance, the title itself or a sentence of the lyrics may be used in my text. Or sometimes the title visualises one of my pictures. It's up to the reader to discover the mysterious relation between the song title and the corresponding blog post.

Diana said...

How very artistic.