Saturday, 12 June 2010

ROXETTE: "Listen To Your Heart"

The hardest conversations are those with ourselves, for we are bad listeners. Just like ears, eyes deceive as well. We can only look into one direction, either backward or forward. There is hope on the horizon, embracing undiscovered territories in the promising glow of a rising sun. Hope always lies ahead, it never comes from behind.

Torn between the head and the heart, many people ultimately tend to stay in the comfort zone of common sense, and follow logic in stead of intuition. Dreams are buried alive, for what you may gain may not seem to outweigh what you may loose. But if you don’t dream, you may never wake up. So perhaps it’s a false dilemma. Perhaps it’s just reverse, and following the call of your heart is actually the smart thing to do. The true meaning of following your head is to follow your heart.

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