Thursday, 24 June 2010

THE FOUR TOPS: “Reach Out”

Reach out, and be in touch with yourself. Don’t roam on undiscovered roads unless you want to. Pull your hand away, unless it is there to be taken. You shall not be, unless you want to be.

Stars come and go, but only those in faraway skies remain. So before you loose yourself in others, find yourself first. Be your own anchor, and let the waves trash you in vain, relentlessly, without mercy, but ever in vain. Be your own compass, and circles will surround you, pacify you with the harmony of their own symmetrical perfection. You need to be grounded first before you can take off. Just like a glass, you need to empty yourself before you can have a fulfilling life.

Hold on to the handrail, and mind your step. Go underground before you step into the light again. Retreat, like a soldier in muddy trenches. Reach out, then help others. Set them free, and you shall be free.

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