Friday, 12 August 2011

BLISS N ESO: "Split Soul"

For those of us who are fortunate enough to be spared from blindness, we all have one pair of eyes. But why does one person notice something which another person overlooks? Perhaps I see beauty in all too insignificant things. Photographers see art where anybody else sees trash; a blind man hears sadness where others see a smile. He’s a free man who uses his gifts to give to others, while those who expect to receive only, are prisoners who lock themselves up behind their own bars.

Just like laws of physics remain valid for centuries, one should not take away what works in their life. You can not go against nature, for its forces are way beyond our control. A house can be painted in a different colour, you can chose another brick, another interior, and change whatever you want. Anything is possible as long as the foundation remains untouched. We inherit our main traits from our past lives, and build upon them in our current life. The patterns that determine our life arise from the ruins of what came earlier. Birds will fly, and fishes will swim. We shall roam the globe in search of our soul mate, for both originate from one single cell that was split into two before. Just as fate separated them earlier, it’s fate that will reunite them eventually.

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