Saturday, 27 August 2011

EVANESCENCE: "My Immortal"

It’s a brave new world out there, but the bizarre species called “humans” that populates it is still the same as it has ever been. Yes, we rose and started walking up straight. We stopped roaming the lands in search of food and we traded caves for concrete shelters. We divested body parts that no longer served a purpose and our skins got all sorts of colours, as if invisible painters blended an endless variety of tones onto their palette and inseminated them into the human kind. But unlike bodies, souls are much more reliable. They don’t change by any external factors; they only change by their inherent power to better themselves, or by other souls. They are undisturbed, untouchable, for they are not bound by any form or shape. Only matter bends and breaks, and without exception each body constantly grows while at the same time it degenerates as well. In the finitude of our bodily life, we are all equal, and this awareness of equality not only helps us to accept our physical temporality, but also to liberate our soul simultaneously.

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