Monday, 1 August 2011

STATUS QUO: "Hold You Back"

All too often self-doubt and self-criticism hold people back. They tempt us to stay on the safe side, to stick to who, what and the places we know, and sometimes lead us not to undertake any of our little plans at all, for fear of failure. They subtly divert our focus to the imperfections, to what could possibly go wrong, as such clouding our imagination about what could come out of our dreams and aspirations. They make it hard to picture ourselves in the person who we could possibly be, if only we are willing to take a plunge. One need not resort to recklessness though, for this would be an all too hefty drugs. But a small dose of audacity is always worth taking, as if it were a daily health supplement.


Anonymous said...

"Listen to your heart"... ???

Chasing-Thoth said...

No, that's not exactly what I was referring to. Rather it's about trying something new from time to time and approaching unfamiliar things and situations with the curiosity of a child. Sometimes people don't do certain things, even though inside they are curious to do them, but either they miss the courage, or they believe they won't do it perfectly, or they are concerned about what other people will think of them etc.