Tuesday, 23 August 2011

EMINEM: "Infinite"

I read myself and flip to the next page. I may be a tome, but in no way am I an encyclopedia, which by definition becomes obsolete and outdated immediately after it has been published and released to the public. Besides, I know little, so I could never pretend to know it all. Yet there are plenty of terms and phrases behind that glossy cover already. In any case, I fancy the idea of a human Wikipedia more: to be some infinite, never-ending work-in-progress, with undefined boundaries, that thrives in anarchy and changes along the way based on input and corrections made by many. We become who we are through our contact with others, and we get to know ourselves better through the conversations we have. The word carries a lot of weight, and our ears see more clearly than our eyes ever will. For often we start with little but end up with a lot, while seldom we start with a lot to end up with even more. Life becomes so much more fulfilling if it’s based on exploration rather than expectation. Precisely like relationships, which flourish more if they are based on connection in stead of a quest for perfection. Perfection is not of this world anyway, for if it were to be found, ever, then it would be lost at once.

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